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Sunday, September 26, 2010

postheadericon What the Hell

I have no idea what is wrong with me! For the last 2 days I have just felt under the weather.... yesterday I pulled through and worked out anyway, mind you that left me getting sick by the end of it. But today I just was unable to get myself to workout. I feel so sick to my stomach, I just laid on the couch all day after returning from a friends house.

Tomorrow better bring some better feelings, I can't go another day without working out or not giving it my all. This morning I dam near went up 1/2 a pound. I think I'll flip if Digital Diva is any higher tomorrow morning. Mind you if she is I am pretty sure I'll know why... I had a friend come over last night to watch movies and with her came a 1L of diet pepsi and 3 bags of chips.... did you catch that? Not 1 but 3. I was able to resist last night and I had full intentions of throwing them away today - but no! I ended up eating some, caught it and threw away the rest, but still had some anyway. I am not so concerned about the calories as much as I am about the sodium. That crap just bloats you like there is no tomorrow!!! And I am not feeling good as it is - what was I thinking putting that CRAP into my body??? And what kind of a friend brings over that shit when she knows I am trying to lose weight? Its fine if "YOU" want it - but for the love of God take that CRAP home with you. I certainly didn't need it sitting here taunting me all day!

As for the diet pepsi, well it's still in my fridge, I need to dump it and get rid of it as well. Just water and coffee for this gal. .More water than anything else!

Well, with any luck tomorrow will be a better day - BOOT CAMP tomorrow, so we'll see. And don't forget this week is your last chance to win 2 free iTunes cards. (Value $15) just enter a cool new blog name and post anything.... Follow under Freebies on the left hand side for further details.

Until then