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Friday, September 10, 2010

postheadericon EA Active 2

WHAT!!! Another one? I am in love... instantly, I kid you not! I am so excited you could not wipe the smile off my face. Here is a quick write up of what EA Active Sports 2 is:

Electronic Arts has been in on the action, and has just announced that its EA Sports Active 2 fitness title will launch November 16th, 2010 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Kinex and Wii…along with the iPhone and iPod touch.
“The launch of EA Sports Active 2.0 will define a new era of interactive fitness with the use of innovative motion sensor peripherals and a heart rate monitor that provide users with a fitness experience delivering real, measurable results,” said EA Sports Active executive producer Tarrnie Williams, in a statement. “The success stories we’ve received from our users show that EA Sports Active is changing lives and we’re so proud to be part of it.”
EA Sports 2 will feature a new wireless motion control sensors that will monitor a user’s activity: the system will sport arm and leg straps and monitor a users’ hear rate to capture the intensity of a workout. Users will also be able to take advantage of a new online service that will enable them to track their workouts and fitness progress, as well as share the data with the rest of the EA Sports Active community. The online component will also enable users to download new exercises and workaround. EA Sports Active 2 will also feature a nine-week total body conditioning program that will track users’ fitness goals and help them stay motivated.
EA Sports hasn’t said anything about how the title will work with the iPhone or iPod touch—but we’re thinking the motion sensors and heart rate monitors are for the consoles only.

So here is the plan: I have EA Active and I have completed the 30 day challenge on the hardest level (in which I did lose about 20 pounds - of course I wasn't smart enough to keep it off!) I also own EA Active More Workouts (which is incredibly hard by the way). Back to the plan.... If I complete EA Active More Workouts on the hardest level I am allowed (I am allowing myself) to buy the new all EXCITING EA Active Sports 2.

EA Active Sports 2 can be pre-ordered here on wii, PS3 & Xbox: