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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

postheadericon A Far Fall

So, Friday I went to the show and had popcorn (large) and diet pepsi (large). My conversation with the counter worker:

Lady: "You could get one large bag and 2 pops and get the combo discount"

Me: "no thanks"

Lady: "But you would save money, and you get a free refill"

Me: "You don't know me, so I'll just fill you in - there are a few things I don't do at a theatre. 1. I don't share my popcorn, not today - not ever. 2. I never leave in the middle of any movie for any reason."

Lady: "Your cute"

Husband: "Not really!"

So anyway, needless to say I took my large (unbuttered) popcorn and large diet pop and ate and drank the whole thing. Then when I got home I ate a steak that was about 200 grams at this point I am over my calories. Of course.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were no better. Cheater, cheater, cheater. I actually can't even tell you what I cheated with - it was too much. I also bought some wine..... and drank it 2 days in a row. So, with no surprise I gained 2 pounds.

I am so silly - up and down... up and down. I did go to the gym on Sunday and Monday though - and I am going in about 20 min again today. So, at least at the end of the day - I didn't completely fall off the wagon. Today is an apple day - I hope I can make it through without cheating.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

postheadericon Day from Hell

The title is no joke - it really was the day from Hell!

First of all, last night I went to the gym and congrats to me I was able to advance in my couch to 5K program and run for 1.5 min then walk for 2. I was pretty happy about that progress. But when I got home the top of my foot hurt so bad all the way up the bone on my lower leg - to the point I actually have a bruise on my lower leg today along the bone. Weird.

Then, it happened "Mom, the ceiling is leaking in the hallway" - Did I mention I live in a shit trailer until my house is finished being built? And when I say shit trailer - I'm talkin' 1972 shit trailer, in a trailer park I might add! So, fine I put a bucket under the leak and figure I'll call who I need to call upon waking up today. Well, did I ever get woken up with a surprise! 7am I awake with a jump and look down to see my whole bed is soaking wet - including me. I think, what the hell is wrong with me - thinking I was excessively sweating... until, a water drops on my head - I look up and yep, ceiling in my room is now leaking.  So, I phone the repair guys and they come along to fix this situation. (Inside info - I had a similar problem 2 weeks ago and they were suppose to fix the whole roof - but I find out today they did the patch job to just fix what was actually showing a problem). So, now my hallway is leaking, my bedroom is leaking and if my living room above my computer desk doesn't start leaking FML... then to top it off my porch starts leaking as well.

Now I wait for the insurance adjuster to come assess the damage. They did come and patch the problem, but no word of a lie as I was typing my living-room started dripping again. Thank GOD I didn't put all the buckets away yet!

It was a full day of dealing with that bullshit - then for no reason tonight my thermostat keeps going down to 15 degrees. I'll be sitting here then slowly I get colder and colder - go check the heat and find it is almost shut off again. I'm sure it was one of the kids but they swear it wasn't - so, definitely a ghost. My theory - she feels like this trailer is hell so she's trying to cool it off.

Now, I haven't mentioned yet - today is my son's 10th birthday... and as you all know with birthday comes cake. Birthday's are just the devil, I swear. Of course I had some of my sons birthday cake - seriously what kind of a parent would I be if I didn't? So, all of you HCG diet nazi's you just never mind. Cake was really good, but left me physically feeling like shit after. That's the thing about eating healthy, as soon as you break it you feel awful. I will not be surprised if I am much heavier tomorrow - it wasn't a crazy big piece, but I am sure my body will want to teach me a lesson - at least 2 lbs I'm predicting.

As you may have guessed, I did not go to the gym today. Tomorrow for sure, then again on Thursday and Friday if I'm ambitious.

Seeing as my bed is soaking wet, I am off to sleep on my ever so not comfy couch.

Monday, January 14, 2013

postheadericon Day 10

We are up to day 10 of my 45 day weight loss on HCG... again. This morning was great - weighed myself and lost almost a pound, 0.8 to be exact. So...

Today's Weight: 184.7
Total Loss: 6.6

We had the swim meet again today and I was able to stay away from the yummy food and stuck it out with just an apple. Not really hungry anymore - the HCG takes care of all that which is great - so all you really have to do is make sure your cravings don't get the better of you. I find if you cheat one day you are really hooped for about 2-3 after. Hooped in the sense that you crave a lot and want to eat everything. So, it's best to keep that in mind when you are thinking of breaking your diet.

After swimming my friend said she was going to the gym - I was surprisingly excited about it and rushed to join. Gym closed at 5pm so I had a little better than 30 min to get a quick workout in. I am currently trying to run 5km straight - so I'm doing the couch to 5K program. Warm up 5min, run 1 min, walk 1.5 min, run 1 min... and so on and so forth for 30 min. I have not been able to advance to the 1.5 min run as of yet - next week I hope!

Came home, had a bowl of my awful chilli soup I made and did up next weeks menu. Grocery shopped and came home to make menu boards. Made kids lunches and now at 2am I think I am done for the day and I am going to hit the sack.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

postheadericon Another Day Down

Today is day 9 of my VLCD on HCG and even though with my efforts of going to the gym last night I did not lose any weight today - in fact I gained 0.1 lbs.

Today's Weight 185.6 lbs
Total Loss - 5.7 lbs

As I mentioned before I am not getting all bent out of shape over it. If my thyroid was in check and I was 100%, different story.

Even with my non loss and my massive effort in the gym I still managed to stay on track. Today was yet another swim meet - with swim meets comes food... home cooked food, fast food, pop and treats. Lunch is provided for people who official the meet, so I was welcome to homemade chilli, buns, doughnuts and more. But I decided I just wouldn't eat any lunch - there was absolutely nothing I could have and I wasn't about to blow my week calorie budget on chilli that might or might not have hair in it. But lucky me, when I went to sit down to have a black coffee and conversation I seen the most beautiful thing - a table lined with fresh apples and oranges. "SCORE" man I was happy - getting up at 6:30am having breakfast was the farthest thing from my mind, needless to say I was half starved.

Swim meet raps up and everyone is going for pot luck spaghetti and yet again I score... my son doesn't want to go! So, I was able to come home and eat my HCG diet cabbage chilli at an amazing 95 calories a cup!!!

So with a little willpower and thought process this can be done. I can make the choice to not indulge when there are no other options.... Just by holding out it worked out in my favour. An all around good day  - food wise!

I do have to admit, if I weigh myself in the morning and I am yet again not at a loss I will be upset... but I will trek on and get over it. I'm not giving up easily again.

postheadericon HCG 2013

I will quickly sum up my HCG progress so far:

Jan 2nd - 191.3 (Load Day)
Jan 3rd - 191.4 (Load Day)
Jan 4th - 189.6 (Day 1 Low Calorie Diet)
Jan 5th - 190.5
Jan 6th - 187.9
Jan 7th - 187.7
Jan 8th - 187.5
Jan 9th - 186.7
Jan 10th - 187.6
Jan 11th - 185.5

Total of 8 low calorie days and I am down 5.8lbs. Normally I would be right pissed off and quit at this point... but now knowing I have a thyroid issue weight loss this time around is just going to be harder and I can't stop because it is coming off slower. I know with my current medical problem if I quit working out and quit this diet it will be a very quick 2 months and I will see well over 200 lbs. 

In my world right now - a loss is a loss no matter the amount. Keep on and keep strong!!!